What does Embryo Adoption Cost?

Most domestic and international adoptions cost ~$20,000. An embryo adoption and FET (frozen embryo transfer) can be as little as $3,000.

  1. Legal Fees: A standard legal contract and processing typically runs around $500 but can be as much as $1,000
  2. Transportation: The shipment of the embryos to your clinic usually costs $400-500, but distance in transportation can weigh cost in on this as well.
  3. Medical Expenses: $2,500-$3,500. Depending on the clinic, most doctors charge an estimated flat fee which includes all appointments, sonograms, and the frozen embryo transfer (FET). There is usually an additional fee to use the laboratory, embryologist, and facilities for the Embryo Transfer.
  4. Medication: Depending on the medication that your doctor chooses to prescribe and your insurance coverage, your cost here can greatly vary. Typically you are prescribed Estrogen (a pill or patch) to be taken for two weeks prior to the transfer, and progesterone (a pill, suppository, or shot) to be taken for a few weeks after the transfer. Typically, these are pretty inexpensive fertility drugs and there is a possibility that insurance will cover it partially or completely.
  5. Embryos: While it is illegal for anyone to sell their embryos, it can cost $0-10,000 for you to locate your embryos depending on the method you use. If you use a website such as NRFA.org to locate a family with extra embryos, there is simply the monthly fee that you choose. If you use an agency to find embryos, it can cost $10,000-15,000 to be matched with a donor family.

How can NRFA Help?

NRFA doesn’t have a solution for all of these costs, but there are some things we have that can help save money:


We have an Embryo Adoption/Donation Contract written by a lawyer who has now written 40+ contracts for all of the families that matched and chose to use our contract. The advantage of using our contract is that our lawyer has probably written 5 to 10x more adoption contracts than yours(we know that is biased, but ask your lawyer how many they have written and revised, then get back to us).

You can find more details about our contract here: Embryo Adoption or Donation Contract

Family Matching

If by now you don’t already know, NRFA is a website designed to connect Embryo Donors with Embryo Adoptee Families. We allow donor families the ability to join, setup, and match for absolutely free. For adoptee families, you can join for free and browse around, but in order to match you must subscribe to the NRFA service for as low as $29/month.

Learn More at NRFA