Gift Ideas For a Friend Going Through IVF

With Valentines Day around the corner, it’s a great time of the year to reach out to friends to let them know you love them. If you have a friend going through IVF right now, don’t forget to send her some love on Valentines Day!

Remind her that you are here to encourage her, love her, and be a cheerleader alongside her during the ups and downs of the IVF process. We’ve put together a list of gifts that we think would brighten your friend’s day:

House Slippers

Everyone loves a cozy slipper to wear around the house, right?! Pick a color that you think best fits her and we’re sure she’ll thank you for making her feet comfy!

Adult Coloring Book

It’s all the rage right now, and a great way for your friend to unwind with some quiet time. Buy her a fun coloring book plus some colored pencils so that she can channel her artsy side.

Spa Gift Set

A cute bath set, essential oils, or even a spa gift card could be a great surprise for the friend who loves a good pamper sesh.

A Good Book

Check out Amazon’s
Best Books of the Month to see if there’s anything new that may spark your friends interest! If she’s more of a tech-savvy person, you can choose an Amazon Kindle gift card so she can pick her own books as well.

Bracelet or Jewelry

Some arm candy for the fashionista friend!

Quality Time

You know your friend the best. An actual gift may not be her love language but spending quality time together could be. Take her to lunch, to see a fun show, or have a girls night in if she’d rather hang inside and catch up.

Are there any ways that you’ve supported a friend through infertility or IVF that was meaningful to her? Or if you’ve done IVF, were there any gifts you received that were meaningful to you?