We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the National Registry for Adoption. The National Registry for Adoption (NRFA) connects embryo donors and adoptive parents to establish relationships and grow families. NRFA offers many benefits such as:

Embryo Donor & Embryo Adoptive Family Accessibility

NRFA offers the ability to read hundreds of profiles and find the right match without the costs, wait lists, and paperwork of traditional methods. Members have the ability to contact potential embryo matches and bond with them from the privacy of their home, work, or school. All you have to do is send the donor or waiting family a message through our software, it’s that easy.

Cost Effective

When matched through NRFA, the average cost of an adoption was reduced to 10-50% of traditional adoption methods. We don’t charge thousands of dollars, we don’t charge you matching fees, we simply charge a small monthly subscription while you are searching and you can cancel whenever you want.

Removal of Geographic Boundaries

Because the internet has no state or local boundaries NRFA provides national exposure for the biological and adoptive parents. You don’t have to fly to California to go to a special clinic to match on our website. You get to meet the families right through NRFA and get to communicate with them as you please.

Maximizing Visibility and Exposure

NRFA is strategically promoted by the most popular adoption websites and viewed by millions of people specifically interested in adoption. NRFA also works with clinics, agencies, and law firms in order to maximize exposure for their clients. We also provide a featured tag service that puts you at the top of our searches exposing you to the searching families first and foremost. For featured families they also get debuted on our home page for extra exposure. Believe us when we say, we want you to find a match.

Helpful Matching Information

Based on years of experience in the field of adoption and infertility, NRFA has developed informational materials to guide families through the matching process. We have a helpful resource of information in our FAQ section where you can read all about Infertility, the Transfer Process, the Cost of Adoption, etc.

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