by: Charis Johnson, NRFA Co-Founder was founded with the goal of giving families a place to connect. Since it’s launch, has brought together many families to connect for embryo donations and adoptions. These Matched Families will be sharing their stories throughout November in celebration of National Adoption Awareness Month.

Upon receiving numerous requests to expand the website to include child adoption, we are proud to announce an expansion to include Birthfamilies and Child Adoption. As an adoptive mother that successfully connected with a birthmother online, I am thrilled to offer this opportunity to other families.

My hope is that birthfamilies, who bravely love these children above all else, will find a safe haven to connect with wonderful waiting families. My hope is that waiting famlies will be able to form deep connections with birthfamilies, thereby able to enter this process with confidence, focused on the path to parenthood in front of them, without being distracted by the financial burden and fundraising that other adoption routes may bring.

It’s time for a better way to connect. A simpler way to adopt. It’s time for the “Adoption Simplified” approach of to welcome birthfamilies and begin a new chapter in your journey to adoption.

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Charis Johnson is the co-founder of and Mom to two beautiful girls, Julah (Read Julah’s story here) & Zoe (Read Zoe’s story here), and five precious embryos awaiting transfers ( Matched story to post in January 2015).