Matching diverse families for four years

NRFA is four years old! When we founded this matching service for embryo donors and embryo adoptees, we never imagined the hundreds of wonderfully diverse families who have been successfully matched through the years. We knew from personal experience how long, frustrating, and costly the road through infertility can be, both emotionally and financially. We vowed to do our best to make adoption matching easy and fast through our online matching concept.

New initiatives and resources

New initiatives are in place to educate the public about the increasing need for embryo adoption matching services.  Our branding campaign includes a new logo and the tagline “We connect embryo donors and adoptees, fueled by our hearts and cherishing families.” The NRFA level of activity on digital and social media platforms is increasing. Production of a six-part video series, an awareness survey, and a public relations are underway for roll-out in summer 2018.

4-year celebration gift offer

In celebration of our 4th anniversary, we are giving away FOUR one-month subscriptions to our online match service that connects embryo donors and adoptees. Enter the drawing today! Hurry and sign up now! This offer expires May 27, 2018 at midnight.

Watching the need grow

Today, there are approximately 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the United States alone. In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures in the United States continue to expand dramatically and are predicted to exceed 26 billion dollars by 2022. More women are turning to IVF to build their families. But donated frozen embryos amount to only one percent of total Assisted Reproductive Technology cycles. Four years ago, we knew there was a need for embryo matching services, and that need continues to grow.

Mission of education

NRFA provides educational resources to help families understand embryo donation and adoption. All NRFA resources and services are available online, making it easier for families to become an embryo donor or recipient. NRFA’s matching service offers a way to securely communicate with other NRFA users to find the perfect match for a family’s unique situation. In comparison to traditional methods of child and/or embryo adoption, families spend significantly less time waiting to receive embryos and more time connecting with embryo donors by joining our online community.

Simplifying the embryo adoption process

Our goal is to simplify the embryo adoption process, so that families spend less time waiting and more time connecting with embryo donors or waiting embryo adoption families. We’re passionate about helping families grow. Embryo donation and embryo adoption are a key piece of our personal family histories. Read our stories above.