Matched on NRFA – Katie & Scott

Katie & Scott found peace of mind and closure when they matched on NRFA and donated their remaining embryos.  “We are very happy that we worked through the emotions to get to this wonderful place of blessing another family.”

What led you to embryo donation?

After going through IVF and seeing two little 5 day embryos turn into our beautiful boy and girl twins, we couldn’t imagine getting rid of our remaining two embryos. Boy and girl twins were a dream come true, but now my husband and I see our family as complete. We love the idea of donating so that our little embryos will have a chance at life and another couple, struggling with infertility, will also have a better chance at a family.

How long had your family been looking to donate embryos prior to registering on

We had considered donating for about six months before we signed up.

How long was it before you communicated with a recipient on

We were communicating with waiting families within the first day we signed up.

What special connections or commonalities have you noticed between your family and your recipient’s family?

We found a lot of connections with our adoptive family. We both are religious, both have close ties to family and the mother-to-be and I were similar, while the father-to-be was similar to my husband as well. We feel our little embryos will have a chance at a wonder life with this adoptive family and will have a life similar to what life would be in our home.

Describe how the process of matching, legal contract, and medically planning has gone. (Easier than you expected, less/more work than expected, easy/stressful, etc.)

For me, the process of communicating with waiting families was not difficult, but the emotional process was more than I expected. For me, it was alarmingly easy to know a good fit from a not so good fit.  Telling people that we were not a good fit was difficult, but once we found the perfect family, everything was a breeze. Our adoptive family lives in another state, but the process went quickly and easily. I’m so excited for them.

What has brought you the most comfort throughout this process?

For us, peace of mind was there when we found the perfect family. I feel confident we are making the right decision.

What has been the biggest surprise to you throughout this process?

Though I am so busy with my own children, I was surprised how emotional it was to go through the process of donating. I am in a Facebook support group for Donors only and it is very common for deep emotions to happen during the process. I am very happy that I worked through the emotions to get to this wonderful place of blessing another family.