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How to Search Profiles

In order to search for potential embryo donor or recipient profiles, you must first have an active subscription and a published profile. This acts as a security measure to make sure that there are not random viewers looking at your profile. We’ll walk through the steps in order to publish your profile and then search for a potential match.

Making Sure My Profile Is Published

Below is an image of what your main account screen should look like if your profile is published.

If you cannot see the “Search Profiles” option, it means your profile is not yet published and you must complete that step first.

How to Publish My Profile

The steps to publish your profile are very easy. First, you’ll open “My Profile” and click on “Get Started.” If you have previously done this to create a profile, your previously entered information will all remain intact unless you otherwise change it. You will not be starting over!

Once you click on “Get Started” you will either click through each page of the profile creation to create or edit your profile. If you are certain your profile is complete, you can skip ahead by clicking “Upload Photos.”

On the last page of your profile creation, which is the “Upload Photos” page, you will see the buttons to “Publish To Site” or “Finish Later” in the lower right corner. If you would like to publish your profile, you will click on “Publish To Site” and then return to your main account page.

My Profile Is Published, Now What?

Now that your profile is published, you are ready to search for a potential match! You will click on the link for “Search Profiles,” shown in the above image. This will take you to our Embryo Donor and Embryo Recipient database. 


When you find a donor or recipient that you like, you may reach out to them via direct message on the platform, which is secure and only visible to you.

Good luck!