Legal Contract Promotion for National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)

NIAW is a wonderful time to support and encourage those walking the path of infertility. As the general population grows in awareness and education, the sharp edges of infertility are softened as judgement is replaced with compassion and loneliness is replaced with comfort.

In an effort to provide support and encouragement, The National Registry for Adoption is offering a $25 discount code on their Embryo Donation and Adoption Legal Contracts for April 21-27, 2019 with the promo code “NIAW2019”.

All legal contracts provided with this service are created by a law firm that NRFA has partnered with. You are eligible to use this legal service regardless of your state of residence.

Steps to redeem the promo code:

Log in to
> Click on the green button “Your Account”,
> Click on the left tab “Additional Features”,
> Select “Embryo Contract”
> Enter your payment information and click continue
> Enter the promo code “NIAW2019” and click continue

The total will update to reflect the discount. Complete the transaction and an NRFA representative will contact you via email to begin the contract process.

Why would I need a legal contract?

After you have matched, the next step is to hire an attorney to draw up a legal contract. In most states, embryo adoption is considered a “property transfer” much like selling a vehicle. If you prefer to, you can tailor your contract to be more like a traditional adoption agreement. After a child is born, you can choose to finalize the adoption in court (not necessary in some states). Fertility clinics will require a legal contract be executed in order to transfer ownership of the embryos.