NRFA Letter of Legal Clearance – $100

The NRFA Letter of Legal Clearance is a document that will accompany the NRFA Embryo Donation Agreement, for the clinics who require it.

We do not automatically draft a Letter of Legal Clearance for all contract clients as not all clinics require it. By only doing it on an “as needed” basis, this allows us to maintain the lowest fees possible for those who use our contract service. We are also lucky to work with a wonderful attorney who understands how costly this journey can be and charges a very minimal fee to draft these documents.

This document is on our attorney’s letterhead and meets the criteria for a clinic to have proof that the NRFA Embryo Donation Agreement was done by an attorney and that each party had the option for independent legal counsel. This document will be provided once all parties return their signed agreement and the Letter of Legal Clearance has been purchased.

**This document is non-refundable.

Purchase Letter of Legal Clearance