Over 1 Million

Frozen embryos are stored in the United States, as more families undergo IVF. The need for recipient  families is growing daily.

Over 1 Million

Frozen embryos are stored in the United States. The need for adoptive families is growing daily.

NRFA reduces the fees and hurdles to embryo adoption or donation of frozen embryos.

The road through infertility can be a costly one: both emotionally and financially. Our goal at NRFA is to provide a venue of adoption facilitation that will meet your needs and desires both emotionally and financially. There is no greater joy than seeing dreams come true, prayers answered, and miracles born. We would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey through embryo adoption.

For Recipient Families

Infertility has, no doubt, led your family through a journey of unforeseen twists and turns. Now, as you stand on the threshold of another bend in the road, NRFA would be honored to come alongside you and join you on this journey.

Service Features

  • Use our simple profile tool to allow embryo donors to find you
  • Communicate with potential matches to determine compatibility
  • No pages of paperwork or home studies required
  • Let NRFA help you navigate the legal process with their option legal contract

Just A Few Of Our Donors:

**Please note that these donors are subject to change at any time. Their visibility here does not guarantee they are still looking for a match, though we do our best to make sure those shown are still searching for their perfect recipient!

Embryo adoption made simple.

As every family, journey, and embryo is unique, it would be impossible to guarantee you a specific timeline or process. However, based on our experience at NRFA, these steps provide a good example of what you can expect.


Create a profile so people can find you. Your profile can be anonymous for privacy


Search other profiles to find donors or recipient families.


Securely communicate with other NRFA users to find the perfect match for your situation.

Once You Find A Match

The embryo recipient’s lawyer will guide the legal process and the IVF clinic will guide the medical process.

Typically, both families will sign a notarized contract which relinquishes the rights of the donors and legally transfers the embryos to the recipients.

Donors will contact their fertility clinic or storage facility and request the paperwork to release their medical records and embryos to the recipient’s clinic or doctor.

Once the recipient’s clinic gives their approval and all FDA required tests have been completed (if necessary), transportation will be arranged between the storage facility or clinic and the recipient’s clinic. Some recipients find it easier to travel directly to their donor’s clinic where the embryos were created, which typically reduces the stress of shipping and varying handling procedures.

Frozen embryo transfer takes place.

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Meet Zoe

Zoe was adopted as an embryo in 2011 and was born in 2012, but her story began long before that. Six healthy embryos resulted from Zoe’s genetic parents first round of IVF in 2009. They transferred two embryos and were blessed with boy/girl twins. The fate of the remaining 4 embryos weighed heavily on their minds and hearts for two years until they decided to move forward with Embryo Adoption and connected online with Charis and Duffy. Read more