Painted children handprints, greeting cards in the supermarket aisle, and an endless stream of posts on your social media. As with any Hallmark holiday, everything that comes with it can be inescapable. This weekend is no different.

Father’s day, just like Mother’s day, is one of the hardest days of the year for infertile couples. Like you need another day to remind you of what you just can’t seem to have, right?

The heartache is real and is shared between both partners as they try to conceive. Like we recently wrote about, we know male partners are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to emotional and spiritual support. But, we at NRFA, want to challenge our community this holiday and encourage you to go the extra mile to support the men in our lives who desperately want to become fathers.

To all the men waiting to become fathers: never give up hope. Lean on your community of loved ones, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and keep praying for your little miracle.