The Darkness Doesn’t Last Forever

February is a month of transition. Across much of the country the long, dark winter nights are getting shorter. The light is returning and the days are getting longer. This month is a good reminder that no season lasts forever.

Infertility can feel like one of those seasons. Filled with dark days and even darker nights. Will it ever end? How long will this go on? Is there any hope for something different in the future? It can be a season with more questions than answers, and more darkness than light.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo

The hope we find in a month like February is in the reminder that change is happening. Seasons change, light changes, situations change. Spring may not be here yet, but it’s coming. Sometimes remembering that, even in the middle of our own darkness, can help. Your current situation or season does not determine your entire future reality. Your days will get longer.

No matter what your current season is like, may we all experience more light, less darkness, and a return of hope as we remember that the light is returning.