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Our company was founded in 2014 and although we are headquartered in Dallas, Texas we have employees all over the United States. As families who have been through the embryo donation and adoption process, we understand what you are going through, whether you are looking to donate remaining embryos or grow your family through adopting them, we are here to help you along the way. We created this service specifically to ease the challenges of finding your perfect embryo match, regardless of if you are a donor or a hopeful recipient. We know how long and frustrating this process can be, so trust us that we will do our best to make your matching process as easy and fast as it can be!


We are a Christian run organization that is deeply honored to be a part of God’s plan in the hopeful lives of these precious embryos. We welcome all to our site, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, or other factors that agencies may discriminate against. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to become parents, even if it is not the traditional path to parenthood!


In order to effectively serve our employees and customers, National Registry For Adoption is committed to:


Leveraging adoption and donation resources from expert providers, doctors, and lawyers to attain exceptional results.


Striving to exceed expectations in quality, care, and affordability. We are always trying to improve our product and actively seek feedback to learn from you


Providing family building solutions powered by our minds, but fueled by our hearts.


Continually seeking to simplify and improve processes of matching donors with recipients.


Committing to the highest of ethical standards to garner faith and respect all throughout the embryo adoption or donation process.


Honoring the sanctity of life in our words and practices. We cherish life and know that all families and donors in our network do too.


Based on their own experiences living through infertility, NRFA co-founders Katie Cline and Charis Boone, created NRFA to help families grow. In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures in the United States continue to expand dramatically and are predicted to exceed 26 billion dollars in procedures by 2022. While more women turn to IVF to build their families, donated frozen embryos amount to only one percent of total Assisted Reproductive Technology cycles. Calling upon their entrepreneurial backgrounds, Katie and Charis envisioned NRFA to ease the challenges of donating embryos or finding an embryo adoption match. Click their profiles to read more.

“The road through infertility can be a costly one, both emotionally and financially. The adoption process can be long, frustrating, and expensive. NRFA does its best to make adoption matching easy and fast through our online matching concept,” said Charis Johnson, NRFA co-founder.

NRFA’s matching service offers a way to securely communicate with other NRFA users to find the perfect match for a family’s unique situation. “NRFA’s goal is to simplify the embryo adoption process, so that families spend less time waiting and more time connecting with embryo donors or waiting embryo adoption families,” said Katie Cline, NRFA co-founder. “We are mothers with young children and also experienced entrepreneurs. We saw a business need.”

NRFA has helped guide hundreds of families through the medical and legal framework of embryo adoption and donation. Regardless of whether an individual decides to use NRFA’s services, NRFA provides educational resources to help families understand embryo donation and adoption. All NRFA resources and services are available online, making it easier for families to become an embryo donor or recipient.

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