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Account Management FAQs

How do I upgrade my account?

You’ve run through the profile wizards, or maybe you’ve browsed other user profiles, and now you’re ready to start communicating, start running background checks, and start finding the perfect fit for your family. First, you can click the Your Account link located on the upper right side of the NRFA webpages.

Next, visit the Membership Information section about halfway down the page. You’ll see that your current membership plan is highlights next to Account Status. To change your membership, click Select a Plan.

How do I modify my profile?

Log into your account or go to your home account page. On the left side of your screen and about half way down, click on the link that says My Profile which will open the profile wizard. It will look like you are starting over but you are not!

How do I edit my email address?

Log into your account or go to your home account page. On the left side of your screen and about half way down, click on the link that says Account & Settings. You can use this to change your email address or resend the activation email if required.

Do people see my contact information?

Your contact information is kept private until you voluntarily share it with providers through private messaging. Additionally, you will notice that everyone on appears with only a first name.

How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Your Password reset function underneath the log in boxes to get a temporary password sent to your email. Once you’re logged back in, you’ll be able to reset your password to something that you’ll be able to remember.

How to I block / unblock a member from contacting me?

If you are receiving emails through the NRFA messaging center and would prefer not to hear from certain users, you can choose to block them. To block a member, go to the messaging center, and select a message from that member. On the message there is an option to block the member. This can be undone if you later change your mind.

Why was my profile not approved?

If you have received an email indicating that your account has not been approved, it is often the result of an incomplete profile or something we found concerning and want to verify. Your account may also not be approved because we may have determined that you do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the terms of use for participating in We also reserve the right not to approve your account for any reason or no reason, with or without notice. Furthermore, we have no obligation to notify you of the reason, if any, if we did not approve your account.

Why was my photo not approved?

Use the checklist below to be sure your photo meets the following approval standards. Once you have met these requirements you can resubmit your photo at any time.

  • The orientation of your photo must be uploaded correctly.
  • Family photos and photos of children are OK.
  • No pictures that are too blurry, or too dim.
  • No self taken photos in the mirror.
  • No photos with anything inappropriate in the background.
  • Photo cannot contain any contact information.
  • Everyone in the picture must be fully clothed, including children.
  • Photos cannot be copyrighted.
  • Photos should be in line with’s terms and conditions




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