We know that having a great profile may feel like a daunting task. After all, you are hoping to find a great home for your embryos or you’re hoping to find a donor family to adopt from. Taking the extra time to set up your NRFA profile (or giving it a refresh) is worth the time! Donors and recipients are online and ready to connect, so show them the true you and stand out among the rest.

Here’s 5 ideas to get you started:

  • Show and tell. Photos are especially helpful when connecting with people through an online platform. As the saying goes: appearances aren’t everything, but it does help personalize conversations and put a face to the name. Without a profile photo, donors/recipients may assume you’re profile hasn’t been completed and you risk being skipped over. It’s also a fun way to show them a real glimpse into your lives! Travel photos, portrait photos, or milestone photos are just a few ways you can add an extra touch on your page.

  • Don’t just report facts, paint a picture. You’d be surprised at how many connections are made in the small details. If you have vague descriptions such as your love for sports, board games, and baking, try adding in specifics. Let them know you really enjoy making (and eating!) red velvet cake, wearing funky sneakers, watching the Dallas Cowboys or the fact that you snort when you laugh. Just read Rachel & James NRFA match story to see the special connections they had with their donor family.

  • Be real. It can feel daunting to let people see an inside glimpse of your life on such a personal level, but people want to know the real you. Honesty is valued. During this process you are learning your emotions, boundaries, and desires just as much as they are.

  • Have your partner describe you. If you have a partner ask them to write out your personality and likes/dislikes from their own view. Make it fun, sweet, and brag worthy! This will give people an inside look at your relationship and offer a unique perspective you may have otherwise missed!

  • Perfect your profile as best you can. Thoroughness is important. Have you provided enough information about yourself? Are your photos good quality? Double check things that could easily have been skipped over; spelling, grammar, punctuation, complete sentences, etc. This will help people easily maneuver through your page and also help you to be concise, descriptive, and to feel good about everything you had to say!

Putting a little TLC and thought into your profile will help it stand out among the rest. You are special and unique. Make sure your profile reflects that and incorporates all the things that make you different from others around you! Are there any other tips or tricks you have when creating/updating your NRFA profile? Let us know & we’ll add them to this list! 
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